National Healthcare

Foodservice Expertise

For contract and self-managed healthcare operations, DMA’s customizable, national network of privately held distributors offers a focused solution with local market expertise.

The service your foodservice directors require

You’ll have the resources of 11 “super-regional,” privately held, foodservice focused distributors at your fingertips – with only one number to call. You won’t get lost in a sea of vice-presidents. Each DMA member will treat you with the focus and attention you deserve.

The added value your business needs

Constant visibility into your supply chain.  The right data to make decisions. With your partner at DMA, you’ll optimize your supply chain and control your costs.

  • Clear visibility into pricing, inventory, availability and order history
  • Impactful insights and analysis to maximize efficiency and profitability
  • Training on data interpretation, processes and decision-making
  • Seamless account transition and start-up

For today’s complex healthcare environment

You need industry experts with decades of experience and the nimbleness to pivot quickly. Call us today to see how we can address your supply chain challenges and deliver a customized distribution solution.

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For regional chains looking to grow quickly and selectively across the US, DMA Offers the one national network that can be customized specifically to your needs to serve your long term expansion plans.

DMA Delivers

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